Saturday, October 18, 2008

This weekend was the annual Fall Art Tour, where participating artists in towns near Madison open up their studios to the public and let them wander around t see how they work and live. We managed to tour about eight studios around Baraboo. There was one – a pottery studio in a converted barn – that made me absolutely jealous; it was in the middle of no where, surrounded by corn fields, with a horse outside and a big old farm house. Sigh. We didn’t see anything we wanted to buy, but we did enjoy visiting the studios, and the drive through the fall countryside was very pretty.

I’ve been sketching a bit to keep from getting bored. It’s nice to be drawing again, and creating stuff that isn’t for work. And on the left is a photo of one of the pairs of pants I made myself for work. I love having pants that fit for once!

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